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Jazz Immersion Program 


The NEW Jazz Immersion Program will select five jazz majors from a select university to participate in an intensive 7-day jazz immersion program in NYC. Students will have the opportunity to meet, rehearse and perform with a professional jazz orchestra (PJO) while integrating into the local jazz scene.

7-Day Agenda

One 3-hour rehearsal with the PJO

One live performance with the PJO

Meet local jazz professionals

Meet music industry experts

Gain entrepreneurial skills

Room & Board with a NYC host

Guarantee is that these students are going to have a unique and remarkable experience...

Grammy-Nominated Composer - Rich DeRosa

Grammy-Nominated Composer - Rich DeRosa



Being immersed into the NYC jazz scene will prepare students

for the realities of the music industry​


Having the opportunity to meet, rehearse and perform with notable

jazz artists is a unique experience that will provide intangible rewards


Performing alongside their mentors, students are pushed to a higher level

of musicianship in an intensely challenging environment. 


Tuition $1200*

Tuition includes Rehearsal and Performance with a Professional Jazz Orchestra (PJO), Room & Board with a NYC host, Interviews and Meetings with industry Experts, Meet & Greet with local professionals, Field Work assignments and other entrepreneurial activities. 

*Financial Aid is available to qualified students. 


Students interested in the project will submit a live video representation of their performance ability and submit a short essay explaining how the project will benefit their career objectives.

Instrumental Criteria

The five students will consist of these instruments: one saxophone, one trumpet, one trombone, one rhythm section player and one composer. This will allow the PJO to immerse the students into each section while maintaining the integrity of the professional jazz orchestra personnel.

Rehearsal Guidelines

The PJO will conduct their rehearsals typical to their usual standards and the students are expected to perform up to par. This is not considered a master class but a real-life professional experience. Students will receive an evaluation of their musicianship or a letter of recommendation from the PJO to use as part of their professional portfolio.

Field Work

 During the 7-Day Program, students will be assigned a “buddy system” to satisfy business-related assignments in the field. Students may be required to interview a music venue manager or a local musician on how to solicit employment in a professional manner. Students will attend local jam sessions, get contacts from local musicians and/or propose a specific venture that will enhance their vocational goals. At the close of each day, students gather as a group to discuss their finding with the program director.


 Students may apply for financial aid through our “Interactive Sponsorship” program.

Students will share their experience with their sponsors via Skype three times during the week. 


All applicants must be current jazz majors at a University

The application process for phase 1, 2 & 3 is part of the complete registration process and does not guarantee a place into the program. 

 All applicants will be notified of acceptance status by March 30th, 2018. 

Applicants accepted into the program will be required to complete phase 4.



Phase 1


All applicants must fill out a registration form before being considered for admission into the Jazz Immersion Program. 

Financial Aid: Financial aid application included


Non- refundable


Phase 2



Please submit a short essay describing your interests as a musician and how our program will benefit your career incentives. 

Word Count: 100 min. to 300 max.

Send Essay

Phase 3


Please submit a 3-minute video of a live performance that best represents you as a jazz musician

Format: Vimeo/Youtube format link

Send Video

Phase 4

TUITION $1200*

Applicants who have received a letter of acceptance must pay tuition to secure their place in the program.

*Applicants will receive notification of financial aid during this time.

Pay Tuition